hey folks. i love slap bass playing, my new (and really, only) bass is a 5 string, which i love. problem is, it has a lot of string ringing when i play. apparently thats quite normal, and ive got rid of most of the ringing with muting the strings with my plucking hand thumb and third finger. fine. but when im slapping, i cant use the thumb and finger to mute.
i assume i need to get good at muting strings with my left hand while i slap with my right hand. does anyone have any tips on learning to do this?

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I usually mute the B string with my right hand when slapping on my five-strings. Depending on what you're playing, you can shift the right edge of your right hand along the strings to mute any string, but still have the mobility to slap. You can also use fingers that you aren't really using on your left hand to mute strings: for instance, if I'm slapping on the E string and popping on the A and D, I'll use my middle or ring finger to mute the A when fretting a note on the D. I hope that makes sense.
try muting the notes with your fretting hand by lightly resting it on the string
Some people mute with the part of your palm below the slapping thumb, some with the fretting hand and thumb. Most people use a combination of both. It also takes a lot of practice to develop accuracy when you're slapping, so that you don't accidentally hit neighboring strings.

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