Ok, I've been playing guitar for about 1 1/2 years and for some reason lately my fretting wrist has been killing me. This has NEVER happened before. I took a break for about a week and when I resumed playing, it still hurt. I haven't even been trying to play anything hard (Misfits, NOFX) so I don't get it. Does anyone else have this problem, and what are some solutions? (besides aspirin) oh and I hope I put this in the right forum...
Rub icy hot on it. Seriously this time.
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But like Drew said, your frettin/holdin the neck technique may be off.
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Ok man It might be that you just sprained it alittle bit, nothin horrible should be wrong. You may just need to play some stuff that just slightly stretches your wrist alittle. If it persists though go see a doctor man. Trust me, you dont want to permanently hurt your wrist.
You might want to ask the people in Advance Tech.

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