the guy on the right is damn good at the guitar. everything sounds good guys. surpisingly impressed with the vocals. You guys got any original tunes?
A Myspace introduction to:

It's not always rainbows and butterflies,
It's compromise that moves us along. -- Maroon 5
Yeah, check out the myspace in my sig, couple on there but better stuff to come once its recorded.
Too much gain = Ears in pain

This has been re-recorded and can be heard on my profile page.

Some timing issues for the intro, messed up the solo but couldn't be bothered with another take. Spent hours today mixing it so please listen to it with headphones if you can?

Tell me what you think!
Too much gain = Ears in pain
I don't mean to jack your thread or anything but what does C4C mean? Nice playing btw, i liked it alot.
It means "Crit for Crit" basicly, if you leave a review or comment on my recording, I return the favor.

Glad you enjoyed it!
Too much gain = Ears in pain
Wow man, that was really good. I loved the vocals, you have talent. And I loved being able to hear every nuance of your playing on the guitar, like all the slides and clicks. It makes the song feel so much more alive IMO. It was a great job, although I have never heard the song before, so I cant compare it to an original really.