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This might be hard to explain and give examples of what I mean, but here goes:
There's a swing tune called "Tales of Rhoda Rat" that Buddy Rich would play with his band. About a third of the way through, they do this 10 second little bit where Buddy does some stuff with a cowbell and the band plays this goofy sounding melody.
Another example would be the jazz music from the anime Cowboy Bebop. If anyone here has seen that show, they had a lot of different kinds of music on it, but I remember liking a lot of the high energy jazz they had on the show ("Tank" comes to mind). It always sounded a little weird, but good.
I just like the groovy, hyper sound in this music.
Based on this, can anyone recommend me any jazz?
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Um, try Gutbucket. I don't know how close that is to what you want, but they certainly are spazzy and jazzy.