Okay I'm looking for a decent guitar for metal, in the region of £300 (sterling). I play things like Kalmah, Norther and Children of Bodom.
V guitar
24 frets
Floyd Rose or Kahler Tremolo
Input jack NOT on the inside of the horns (I had this problem with one of the jacksons)
- Leper
I would just save up or go second hand. It's hard to find a guitar with a good tremelo system brand new at £300 with 24 frets and V shape.
I don't think they make guitars out of metal....

Anyways, go to your guitar store and try things out. You seem like you already know what you want, so we can't really tell you what you already know.
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Edit: Oh sorry i just noticed you specified a V - Discard this lol

Most of these have 24 frets and if you scroll down there are some good tremelos on
them too - http://www.tonezonemusic.co.uk/guitarbrandsearch.asp?ManufacturerID=1
LAG's have great necks IMO and they have good fret access all the way up the neck (mine has 24 frets and its no trouble getting there).
Otherwise i'd look at one of the Ibanez's like an RG or S (although i think they only have 22 frets - at least the one i had did).

Edit: Oh sorry i just noticed you specified a V - Discard this lol
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