I was considering getting the Boss DD-20, but I wanted to know what everyone else thought of it. I've played some friends that tour around and they both have, and swear by it. I'm using a Epi Les Paul Standard and I play just about everything, mostly indie stuff. Is this pedal a good or bad idea? If bad then what would you recommend instead?
I've always preferred analog delays. More organic tone, matches well with a nice old tube amp. It's not the most high-end of delays, but right now I'm using an Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man. I can see no reason to "upgrade" to something more expensive though, because my EH does everything I could want it to do. It has a preamp and chorus effects as well.
its nice. but look into the dl-4 and the headrush too. those are the other similar delays out there.
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I like the programmable aspect of the DD20, jsut because I find it easier to have some delays stored rather than having to mess with the knobs, otherwise the dl4 would be my choice.
If you wanna make weird sounds, the warp and twist features on the DD20 are amazing. and the sound on sound recording is a nice feature too, once you get the hang of it.
it's very tweakable, i say get it. I'd die without mine.
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