So I need some gear for recording, I've been stuck with this crappy mic for too long.
So I was considering getting the Line6 TonePort, but I think it's just too expensive and has too much stuff I probably wouldn't ever use, as I'm not 100% serious about recording.
Now I've been looking at the M-Audio JamLab, and it looks pretty fat. Just what I'm looking for I think. So, some questions.

1. Can I record different layers of guitar over each other, recorded separately?
2. Is it actually any good?
3. Would I be able to record via Audacity, with it?
4. Can my computer take it? (It's not old, got it just over a year ago, Dell, good working order).

id say go for the toneport because you can record guitar, bass and vocals on it. but download hydrogen, which is free to add drum beats and maybe audacity, which is also free beacuse the software that comes with the toneport isn't that good.
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I got the JabLab and it works a treat so simple. The software is **** but i use Cuabse anyway so that's irrelevant for me.

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toneport is good.

Protools is the best for home recording, hands down.
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Quote by BodaciousBob
I got the JabLab and it works a treat so simple. The software is **** but i use Cuabse anyway so that's irrelevant for me.

Hmm, is the software that comes with it really that bad? I looked at it on the video and it didn't seem bad obviously...
And, I've tried to download Cubase, but it rarely works so I don't know anything about it, how do you get a decent sound and different amps off of it?
Don't get a toneport there is a M-Audio for around the same price and looks like the toneport only sounds way better.

DefectedFromGod - If you can get anything other than a M-Box-Digi or M-audio recording interfaces to work with Pro Tools let me know.
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