When you guys play power chords do you put your middle finger straight over the strings, or do you keep it curled over them?
I personally have it curled, but my friend plays with it straight across.
Just wondering how you guys do it.
I usually go curled under. I have no idea why. It may be because I'm retarded in some way.
Like I'm giving someone the finger.

..Never noticed that before..
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Curled, then again I have a wierd way of playing power chords.
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Godamn you now whenever I play power chords my middle finger feels awkwardly misplaced

Also, Im pretty sure this is the wrong forum for this.
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Oh, sorry if it is, it just came to mind as I was playing and decided I'd ask everyone.
EDIT: directed to the wrong forum statement.
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I set it on the string right behind my ring. I can't keep my fingers in the air otherwise they do ****ed up **** and mess up my playing.
stuck straight up
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I guess I'm doing this wrong since I use the middle finger for playing power chords...

I do that too! I'm not alone, thank God!
I have it curled besides my ring finger.... not touching any strings though... just sorta suspended midway in the air....!!
If it's on the last three, i have it curled back, if it's on the 3,4,5 i have it mutting the sixth(so straight).
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Tool, anyone?
Alter Bridge, maybe?
A bit of John Mayer?
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I just give you all the finger when im playing while sat at my computer.
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i play powerchords with index and pinky. it feels more relaxed

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