So I havent made anything in weeks.
So today i sat down with the thing to practice after i read something here on UG.
And then, suddenly, lots of notes came crawling in to my head and to the fretboard.

And thats how this thing came out.

Its got a relaxing intro followd by some insanely good riffs, lol.
And theres a solo in there to.

And there seems to be some problems with it if you fastforward over the intro.
Then the distorted guitars turn in to acoustics.

EDIT: new verson up. Fixed the drums in the chorus to fit the rhythm more.
And did some other minor changes to the leads and drums.
Also i fixed it so its ready for RSE.
so if you got gp5.2 please open the Assasin2RSE file and turn on RSE.
And if your not using RSE, opend the gp4 file. the volume is diffrently adjusted.
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Hey man, an awsome metal piece. I really like your acoustic intro, so I think you should use it forward in the song. The verse I liked most was the one you named "Verse" and also "Verse2". Although the Rythm Guitar in your chorus fit in the song, your leads leave exceeding there, I am not saying they're bad, just that I think you must give more importance to your Rythm Guitar in the chorus. The two-guitar solo fit very well in the song, so it's ok for me. Overall it's a great song mate, I would say a 8.5/10
I saw what you meant about the chorus before i read your post. I sat and edited it last night in my room, and i dont got internett there. But i like the leads pretty good in the chorus, and i felt that it was the drums that drowned the rhythm. So now its kinda fixed. and fixed some other stuff to.
Yeah about the acoustic. i didnt find anywhere in the song i could put it again. but maybe ill try and edit it in later.
Anyways. thanks for the crit.
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That was freakin insane, some really cool rhythms and stuff. My favorite riff was the chorus, i think the solo could be improved a little bit.
nice work man.
i really like the acoustic intro, and than when it gets heavy, nice work there.
verse 1 is good, but i just didn't like it as much as the other parts.
verse 2 sounds awsome to me, nothing to be changed there.
i liked the solo, but i think it can be improved.
the chorus is also pretty awsome, and its just perfect the way it is.
your drums are pretty cool, but they didn't fit the song, at least in my opinion(maybe just taste) and the bass is good, but i almost didn't hear it(i listened to the GP4 file).

overall its pretty cool, just some small works at the solo and maybe, just maybe, at verse 1.

btw, thanks for the crit on my song.
crit my songs, (PLZ):
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Thank you for the comments =)

I like the strings pitch bending in the beginning, the smooth transition sounds awesome. I also like the acoustic guitars, the whole intro reminds me a bit of Homeland II- Shining by Children Of Bodom when they were Inearthed.

I also like the verse, especially the pull offs.

In the chorus, I like the leads, but not so much the rhythm/bass, mainly because of the 32nd notes.

I love the solo, the only things I don't like are measure 60, and measure 69.

I like the way you ended it, too.
Thats a nice song.. The chorus was awesome. And cause I have a taste for that rhythmic crazyness, the Interlude was awesome. That would have been cool if it was a little longer. And the solo was top notch. ...I loved the rhythms you used as well. Nice work.
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I love the acoustic beginning + transition.

I like the solo except for measure 60.
For some reason the flow seems a little off on 66 to 69. Then again this isn't my genre of music.

Overall I liked it. How long have you been writing music? I'm still struggling to expand on my ideas.
Prettty cool intro. I think the transition from acoustic electric could have used a more powerful transition. Chorus is awesome. Solo was pretty cool, but the drums could have been used to better effect. Overall, awesome riffs, you just need to work on the drums.
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Quote by interactivebios
How long have you been writing music? I'm still struggling to expand on my ideas.

Well, i started to makes some riffs of my own about half years time of playing, that would be 2 years ago. but didnt start writing full song for a long time after that.

Quote by NovemberRain273
Solo was pretty cool, but the drums could have been used to better effect. Overall, awesome riffs, you just need to work on the drums.

Just realy started to make drum tracks, so im not that in to it yet. But ill get there.

For the bends in the solo, i donk know, i kinda like them, soo.

Anyways, thanks for the crit everyone.
And keep em comeing.
Thanks for Critting mine

The intro is very interesting and then main riff cuts everything and comes like explosion
Very good melody and harmony I really like it. But the chorus isnät that good. I think the solo cold be faster with a faster drumbeat. Keep it up

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that was pretty f**king sweet. Nearly all of the riffs are classic and the song goes together like a jigsaw. Nice and quick, love the acoustic at the start, and then the sudden stop into the great guitar work. skipping to the solo, which was very good, and a great use of wah at the end, there's hardly anything wrong with that at all.
Nothing wrong with it at all. It has got a great beat, brutal palm-muted bits and great harmonized leads.
Acoustic intro is great. The solo is good but i wud of love to have seen a screamer note lol. There was only 2 but they were low so make a high one Chorus was great there should be some better rhythm there. Outro was nice gj. 8.5/10
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Really good acoustic Intro.

Good distortion entrance. The rif is actually pretty brutal.

I really liked your playing on the chorus.

Man you have some good riffs. That interlude is sick.

Breakdown is also really good.

The solo was decent, but some parts of it seemed too loud.

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i didnt really like that, but i saying that theres not much metalcore that i do like. One suggestion. Make the breakdown more of a breakdown. i didnt really think it was a breadown at all. there was too much going on behind it.