howdy everyone,

ive been growing out my nails on my picking hand, however, it seems to be getting harder to play quickly/smoothly!!
I've heard you need to shape them or something?

Any help?

Yes, fingernail shaping is very important to classical guitar. Theres an instructional vid on how to do it on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1leA0JKHhE

I've also heard that if you dont want to grow your fingernails, you can buy fingerpicks that are already the appropriate shapes and fit over your fingertips.

hope it helps!
I tried the same thing until I sheered my thumbnail off with the gearshift of my car, I found it was only something time could let you learn, they are awkward, and shape is important but you'll get it,also, those finger picks SUCK if you think you can't play now holy **** will it be hard with those, stick with it! have fun!