I just bought a guitar with a beginners book. The book doesn't have tabs, it has notes. So I was wondering if I should learn both tabs and notes or just one.

I kinda just wanna learn tabs because it's easier but I bought the book..

Any help would be appreciated.
Both. Learning notes will greatly help your development as a musician, but sometimes the only available transcription of a song is in tab form, so you'll need to know it for practicality's sake. But leaning tab isn't that hard.
I prefer tabs. Although, I have only been playing for about a year and a half, so I guess you could call me a beginner. There is plenty of time to be learning notes later on down the road. And no, tabs are not hard at all to learn. It tells you clear as day how to play parts and whole songs. I highly recommend them.
both deff both....i mean even if u rarely read sheet music...it makes u more versatile as a musician...and thats important
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I already know how to read notes, I have played piano fro 4 years. I just don't know where the notes are on the guitar.

I know tabs aren't hard, thats why I was asking if I should learn the notes too.

Well, thanks guys, I will learn both.