I have recently been practicing the minor Pentatonic scales, and while learning I came across something that kinda confused me. It was an excercise tab, "Extended Pentatonics in Em" and it said Position 2- D above this scale:

Same with Position 5, it said C above this scale:

And last example was with Position 7, it said A above this scale:

So my question is what does that mean? Does that mean the scale is Pentatonic D/C/A in the Key of Em or what? It confused me and I'm hoping for some clarification. I thought that all of those scales mentioned above were E minor Pentatonic scales, am I thinking incorrectly? Appreciate the help.
Well the first position is the minor pentatonic scale, that is used so frequently. Say for example you were playing the minor pentatonic scale (First position) with A as the root. You could theoretically play the Second position, major pentatonic, with C as the root, and be playing in the key of A minor. Don't get the word "position" confused with the word "scale." The C major pentatonic scale has all the same notes as the A minor pentatonic scale, its just a different shape to play them in. The same goes for the next three shapes. The shapes are basically a way to see all the notes in the scale in every place to play them. Once you get to the fifth position, you will be one octave above where you started. I know this is confusing and I am probably not explaining this very clearly. I would do a google search of "modes" to help you understand better. Basically the different positions are different ways to look at the same group of notes, but starting at a different place in the scale. However you can also use any of the five scales as a first position scale to get a completely different sound, although you probably wont use the last 3 patterns very often in that way.
All those are Em pentatonic. You might notice that they're in different orders. The pentatonic scale has 5 modes - the one you normally play is 1st. The 2nd is the same scale, but instead of playing note 1,2,3,4,5, you play 2,3,4,5,1. The 3rd mode is 3,4,5,1,2 etc. Modes are just methods for learning scales all over the fretboard, rather than just in the first mode which will limit your soloing abilities thoroughly.
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