sorry if this has been asked before, but i've spent the last couple of hours searching for an answer to this: is it possible to add mini humbuckers to a guitar that has standard sized humbuckers already installed? are there conversion mounting rings available or is this just not possible? since i'm taking my guitars to college, i'm not willing to buy a gibson firebird V. i was hoping to buy an epi firebird studio and replace the HBs with minis (it comes w/ alnico full-sized HBs already in it).

thanks for any help!

ps: are there any full sized PUs that anyone could recommend that would give a similar sound?
you could make your own pickup rings and install them
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what is unique about the mini hb sound? then i can help, i think
basically, its sound fits between a full-sized humbucker and a single coil. the sound is "brighter and livelier" than that of a regular HB without the noise and harshness that a single coil offers.
i guess that i could possibly try a p94 since it's basically a p90 that's the same size as a regular humbucker.

any ideas as to how i could make a custom ring to fit a mini into a regular HB slot? would this even be worth it? i really like the sound of a firebird w/ mini HBs over that of a studio w/ full HBs. does anyone have another alternative?

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Mini HBs are a little longer than a normal HB, I believe...There would be routing involved.
A mini HB is slightly shorter than a normal HB.

SC sized HBs are longer.
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i checked allparts.com. i saw the mini HBs etc, but i didn't see any rings that would make them fit in an HB sized slot.
^ Tremolo covers would be the best. You'd definatly be able to get two covers out of a trem cover.
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