Im looking for some pickups that I could put into the custom guitar that I am going to built soon off of warmoth. I play a lot of reggae influenced stuff like 311 and Pepper. I also like to play harder genres like punk and metal. I was wondering what pickup would be good for heavy distortion but also smooth cleans. The amp I am using is a B-52 At-212. Also I would like to coil tap the pickups, how do you do this?
Perfect pickups for you are the P-90s. When you order the Guitar body off warmoth though, ask for the P90 pickup routing otherwise they won't fit. PM me if you need more help or if you don't want P90s...I love Reggae and stuff like you mentioned so I could help you out with stuff
I had a similar situation with my Jet King 2. i picked a seymour duncan sh-3 for versatility at the neck because it is famous for its coil tapping advantages and a SD sh-14 for the bridge to level the sound to my liking. I recommend the sh-3 for its versatility but make sure you are going to have coiltaps if you are going to use it. They say its for bridge but it has been used a lot for necks. and then for the bridge i would use something more stereotypical of the music you want to play to level it out.