I have a Fender Stratocaster, and its a Squier, i havent really used it in a while because i have a Epiphone Les Paul Special II now, but anyway, i tryed playing the Strat a while ago, and i got some really weird vibrations when i plucked the strings. i tried changing the strings, but still got the same thing. I have absolutely no idea what is vibrating or how to fix it. It seems to be coming from the headstock of the guitar but it vibrates pretty far down the neck. I currently have no strings on it, because i plan to fix what ever is wrong with it as easily as possible. Does anyone have any ides of what this could be and how to fix it?
It's a Fender, AND a squier?!?!
Holy Hell
how'd you manage that?

and are you sure it;s not just fret buzz, or a loose screw or something?
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hey hey, there could be some strange bending to the neck you might want to check in on.
I had a yamaha that did that when the neck started to warp (weather and age) it's the wood. It happened with the 2nd string... but after a tech re-bend the neck straight the vibration went away.
so fyi its technically a squier strat and not really a fender strat. im just tell you this cus u might say that to someone and they might misunderstand it and bla bla bla. im just trying to help lol
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