I am an intermediate guitarist and i've developed my picking and i can play some decent songs...but i wanna learn tapping SOO badd. Can anyone please offer tips or tricks? maybe a link to an exercise? please pass on your knowledge. I cant wait to tapp.

Please help!

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learn midnight by joe satriani. i triple dog dare you. and yes it is tapping
haha yeah just jump right in on a joe satriani song
i would recommend eruption just the tapping part if you play slowly at first it becomes really easy
learn eruption (by vanhalen). its a great start, itll get you on your way.
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eruption and just practice tapping scales you know... just mess around with two hand tapping till you get a feel for where to tap...
Day at the Beach and Midnight by Joe Satriani
Eruption by Van Halen
Also, Always With Me Always With You has a good easy tapping lick, also by Joe Satriani