I'm 17, I've played for about 14 months, and I need a new amp. Something bigger than the 15 watt Randall that I have, but something not as big as a half-stack. I've pretty much narrowed it down to two choices:

Marshall MG50DFX

Randall RG75G3

Which should I get?

I'm leaning towards the Randall, but I'd still like a few trustworthy opinions.

If anyone thinks that there is another amp that I should get for around $300- $400, let me know also.
The general rule of thumb you'll find here is to stay away from the Marshall MG series, but I suggest you go to the Guitar Gear & Accessories forum for this kind of question.
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yeah wrong forum, id get neither, for a small solid state combo id rather get a peavey bandit or something
I agree with Diamond Dave, the peavey bandit is pretty sweet, its no tube amp, but it gets the job done.