I'm sure that you have seen a few threads from me today, and are probably getting tired of me. Owell, thats what I'm here for.

So, bought this amp, going to return it for another one, and am deciding to sell this. Our local shop buys used items, and this is one is in mint condition. I took very good care of this amp, because it was the only one I was going to have for a long time, so it looks and plays as if it just came out of the box brand new. Any idea on how much I would get for it? I see these things go for about $50 on Ebay, so I'm guessing around the $30- $45 range, just because of the way they do business.

Anyone else here sell theirs to a shop? How much did you get for it?
Don't sell to a shop, you won't get enough money, even on a trade-in. Either sell on eBay yourself, or try out gear ads section on UG. I've made deals there, and it's a great place to sell something.
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I just want to get rid of it, so I'm going to take it out there. And if you said you got $50 for it at a shop, mine shouldn't be that much lower. What kind of condition was yours in?