A few songs I've written. I'm not much of a poet but I try to write lyrics sometimes.

Painkiller - Instrumental. My favorite part is the harmonized chorus.
Walking On The Sky - This is one of my earlier songs. My friends seem to like this one the most.

So, if you have the time, tell me what you think.

Thanks =D
Walking on the Sky.zip
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Walking on the Sky: Seriosly, you play the exact same riff in 3mins or so.
Riff is ok, kinda not my style, but a fine riff.
Solo was pretty cool.
But the song was pretty damn boring, the riff and the solo it self was good, but overusage of a riff to this degree i think i have never seen before.
Put it is punk, so they do it all the time, but maybe not this much.

Painkiller: Now this song was much better. didnt rely like the leads in the intro, but the synth was fine. But when the rhythm guitar kicked in it started to rock. Intro riff was damn good, chorus was pretty good'n catchy. And your solos were sick. Bass solo was damn cool. Song was a little short though, and i didnt realy like the outro with all the instruments fading out like that.

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Walk on the sky was badass xD
a little repetitive but i could live with it

Painkiller was ok too just the intro synth needs a little work, just my opinion :p
Walking on the sky: 8/10

Not very complex. Seems more of a punk song. Not really my style. I did like the outro and the main riff was pretty good, even though a little overused...Pretty good song

Painkiller: 9/10

Pretty good stuff here too. I like your use of harmonies. The solos were pretty good, bass solo was best. The chorus was good. I would try to make it a lil longer cuz this song is pretty short. But good song!!

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i like both of the songs, even though i was listening to them with the midi file.

painkiller: nice intro thing, i liked the melody.
the solo, or solos are very nice, fit the whole thing. the bass solo is awsome (if it was a bass-you know, MIDI ). .
the outro is also nice.
overall very good 9/10.

walking on the sky: nice intro with the drums, and the riff after it is good.
actully, all the riffs are good, even though its a bit repetitive.
the solo is awsome, i liked the it comes in after the, interlode, or what ever it is.
overall, 8.5/10. maybe add some vocals or other kind of lead so it'll be less repetitive.

i liked painkiller better.

btw, thanks for the crit on my song.
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