hi. this is my first posting here so please be kind... honest, but kind!

Sing Cricket Sing

Little cricket’s song welcomes in the spring
With new green shoots he starts to sing
‘bout a boy and a girl and a certain look
Cricket and boy know he’s got her hooked

So Sing Cricket Sing
It’s the time of year
The danger’s obvious
But attraction’s clear
Sing Cricket Sing
As you watch them dance
They circle one another
She decides she’s gonna take a chance

Little cricket watches while the lovers play
Lush green fields of early May
Blossom in the trees and a certain smile
Cricket knows it only takes a little while

So Sing Cricket Sing
As the summer flies
Sing Cricket Sing
Of a lover’s lies
Sing Cricket Sing
As the summer turns
Oh the nights are getting hotter
Yeah they gotta stop or she’ll get burned

Little cricket hums a familiar song
Look in his eyes says it won’t be long
Fruit growin ripe and the grass is high
Little cricket hears her sigh a little sigh

So Sing Cricket Sing
Of the Autumn leaves
Sing Cricket Sing
Of a cooling breeze
Sing Cricket Sing
It’s the same old song
But the harmony sounds funny
And the melody is goin’ wrong

Little cricket’s song is almost through
Winter brings her heartbreak doesn’t know what to do
If she closes her tear-stained eyes she can see
Her lover and the father of her baby to be

So Sing Cricket Sing
As the snows will fall
Sing Cricket Sing
Ice’ll cover all
Sing Cricket Sing
While the fools all play
Summer time is when they party
But the winter time is when they pay