I'm a little new on all the guitar stuff. I have my own bass, amp, picks and guitar case. I know how to play. I just want to know how to get the best out of my amp. It's a lanely... something. It has RB4 on the manual. Basicly it has, volume, trebble, equalizer, bass, enhance and gain. I know what I want with all the settings. I know how to get them. But I wanna know how to get my equalizer settings at it's best. I don't know where to put the (sorry for giberish) setting changer movey nobs. There's 0(middle) and +15(top) and -15(bottom). I can move the little nobs up and down. it's a standard equalizer. (like WMP etc.). I like the linkin park style music. So like a rock/metal/top 40 kinda bass. Not any of that jazz crap (soz to jazz fans).

I also hate the sound of string vibratting on fretts when I either put my finger in the wrong place or I'm changing from 1 frett to another (eg. 3 to 2 to 4). So I don't wanna hear that. Please keep in mind I'm only a begginner, with neighbours that like to sleep, that doesn't want it to be blasting (volume whise). So if you can tell me how to get the best outta my amp that would be great.

P.S. Sorry If there's a simular thread i could search and my laptop was going spaz so it was hard to type all that (I got the laptop to not go spaz for an hour).
mk mate.
the stop that buzz your getting, make sure you are kinda right behind the fret, not too close to the fret, not too close to the previous one. halfway between the middle of the fret and the fret itself.
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So like a rock/metal/top 40 kinda bass. Not any of that jazz crap (soz to jazz fans).

Well metal and top 40 are kinda different. To get that punchy TOOL sounding bass you need to have some mids in there.
first of all about the buzzing... go get your bass adjusted (intonation, tuss rod, Action, etc. etc... that should get rid of most of the buzzing)
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Am i missing some thing
car speaker=12 watts
outlet=120 watts

laws of phisics down the dump....... volts and watts are the same