Hayman 2020

Semi Hollow Body, 2 F holes
3 EMG select pickups (single coil size, but are humbuckers), on/off switch for each (7 combinations total)
Pickups mounted on steel plate, giving a unique tone
21 Fret bound unfinished maple neck, bolted on to body
Orange to red sunburst (kind of like jimmy page's LP) with cream binding on edges
3 to a side tuners (Grover if i'm not mistaken)
Has zero fret
Master Volume and Tone

other notes: guitar is somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 years old, give or take a few years. It is called a Hayman 2020, Hayman was a subcompany of Burns guitars. There was a partnership dispute, and they stopped production.

The guitar has a nice tone and the neck and middle pickups are great for jazz, especially with the semi-hollow body, but don't be fooled, this thing can rock if you crank the distortion through it, especially the bridge pickup. The pickups are amazingly hum free (I could crank the gain full on my insane channel on my old line 6 spider amp and no buzz.). They don't have a real thin, dry sound that a strat single coil has, but it doesn't have the honk of a real humbucker either. Since they are EMG's they're well made, its full, but not muddy, every note rings clear and has great sustain.

Being an english made guitar, the adjustment for the saddle height is a metric allen wrench, and a pretty damn small one at that.

There is a 3 way toggle on the top left corner of the guitar, it is left over from when the guitar was H-H configured and is useless

This is a quality guitar, but its a semi hollow body, S-S-S guitar and does not satisfy my musical needs.

I was thinking somewhere in the 250-300$ range, but i need honest opinions of how much i could get for it
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Hey, PM me if you put it up on eBay. Those are cool guitars.
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would you be interested in like pedal/strings and cash? i don't have 250 right now but i will in a few weeks or so... would you let me know either way man? thanx
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