Can anyone find the chords for me?

Its off the Smiling Phases album.(disc 1.)

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Sure! it's real easy.. "it's very simple" just A D and G...
A D simple bar A G D* A -repeated
here's a little song you can all join in with, it's very simple and i hope it's new
the trick is to alternate from the simple D bar chord at the 5th fret for the 1st change, *and the one just like a bm7 with your pinky on the D at the 5th fret, ring finger on the F# at the 4th, and then bar the open D with your index and middle finger...this makes for a faster change, and you can roll over some of the notes of the D chord I described to get some of the licks from the song..your basically sitting right on top of the A pentatonic scale.. it's real easy once you get the feel for it, and much fun to play....enjoy....can't believe I'm the 1st person to explain this......also you can use open chords in this song if you just want to sing it, but it's not the way Traffic plays it.. I prefer playing the F style bar chord with my thumb on the bass string, muting the the 5th string, and same for the G...but simple bar chords should work out alright
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