I love acoustic music from damien rice to Death cab for cutie and likes of Opeth's acoustic albm - damnation. I'm just really interested in acoustic music. Please help me, if you know any good acoustic music?
Thanks kane
you should try
"Every Rose HGas It's Thorn" by Poison
"Heaven" by Warrant
"Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton

based on what you listen to, youre probably not a fan of older music
(dont mind me, but i rlly hate those bands mentioned above)

but give those songs a shot, there nice n easy

but try them anyways
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Neil Young- especially Harvest or the acoustic songs on Rust Never Sleeps
Also a lot of Fleetwood Mac songs
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oh i was going to say elliott smith

bright eyes
the good life
pedro the lion
city and colour

Agalloch - A Desolation Song
Cold - Bleed
Staind - Outside (Live version)
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There are TONNES, I love acoustic music too.

One huy who I think is pretty good who is around at the minute would be Newton Faulkner. The first half of his album 'Hand Built by Robots' has been in my CD player for a good solid week now. (well, obviously the FULL album is in my CD player, but I only ever have time to really listen to the first half).

Check out - All I Got, To the Light, Dream Catch Me, I Need Something, People Should Smile More, Teardrop (Massive Attack cover/ and about as close as anyone will ever get to bettering the original).

EDIT: I'd imagine this would be his Myspace...

You've probably already heard it, but Unplugged In New York - Nirvana is just such an album.

And try José Gonzales - Veener and Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise.
I really like acoustic music. I always look for acoustic tracks after I buy a new CD because these tracks are especially wonderful and free I think.
My favourite acoustic songs are "That' the Way", "Going to California", "Bron-Y-Aur Stomp" by Led Zeppelin; "Soldier of Fortune" by Deep Purple; "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas; "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton.

I also like such acoustic albums as "Acoustic (Live!)" - Scorpions; "Unplugged In New York" - Nirvana; "Sometimes" - City and Colour.

Standout track - "Hotel California (acoustic version)" by The Eagles
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You've all gotta check this guy out... Tis pretty insane acoustic instrumental, by a Japanese bloke called Kotaro Oshio... I like it


And P.O.D.'s instrumental Eternal is a sweet acoustic track.... great stuff to chill to
Alice in Chains- Unplugged. Howie Day, Teddy Thompson, Mazzy Star, Andy McKee, Jono McCleery- check him on MySpace. and song: Daughter- Pearl Jam
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All time acoustic band is Tenacious D. Great rock and comedy. Kyle Gass can really play the guitar well.
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Yeh Newton Faulkner is Amazing, deffo check him out

people should smile more is my fav song in the album cos i can play it there are so many amazing acoustic songs on tht album

check him on youtube, type newton faulkner teardrop and go for the comical one, hes also doing tht song from matilda send me on my way by rusted root in it and its hilarious
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This music might be a bit tame for the younger crowd however i think the band "America" studio versions of their songs sound really good.

Here is one of my favorites from the band "America"...it almost has that hippy Flower child kind of feel however I like it.

List of albums they put out

The live versions on you tube sound bad (those live videos on you tube all sound pretty bad though)

Here is Horse with no name...another excellent acoustic song.

America - Ventura Highway

The bass guitar is really good in these tunes as well.
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Some Neil Young (Harvest (and Harvest Moon), first half of Rust Never Sleeps), maybe some Violent Femmes?
going to california-Led Zeppelin
knockin on heaven's door-bob dylan
wish you were here-pink floyd <----i think it's acoustic....
Vermilion Part 2 - SlipKnoT
Circle - SlipKnoT
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Everlong (acoustic) - Foo Fighters
Dogs - Pink Floyd
Damien Rice
Jack Johnson
Andy McKee
Wilco's great. They're not ONLY acoustic though, but a lot of their best music is.
The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello) is really good. His first album ,which just recently came out, One Man Revolution is very good acoustic music.
John Butler Trio.
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Thanks guys, alot of waht has been suggested i have but ive found some new music thanks to you all.. i love acoustic music so much!! it is a passion and love of mine..thankyou all!
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John Butler Trio.

I concur!!! I just bought their latest album, Grand Nation, and it is pretty fkn sweeeeet...