so ive been learning nearly a 2 years now but i think im a bit slow at learning, and up untill about a 2 weeks ago i really wanted a new amp (lookin to spend £300ish).

then for no reason at all i hated my guitar, not like the normal love/hate relationship you have at times, i just didnt want to play it at all. now ive started to play it a bit again but im really not liking it, i think ive come to the conclusion it is my old rubbish amp that is killing the love for me. its a Peavey Rage 158.


what i was hoping is that someone who has a bit of experience playing amps could roughly tell me how bad the Peavey is compared to say.......a laney vc15? in like a way i could understand (i dont have any experience at all playing other amps)

so as a last ditch effort i wanted get the amp and (hopefully) get back to sitting playing my guitar for hours on end but, if its not gonna improve sound that much, whats the point?
It's a huge difference. A tube amp is just much more responsive. You can hear everything you do, even mistakes. And I think that hearing your mistakes is great, because then you can find out what to fix.

Plus, as Laney says in their ads, the harder you drive it, the better it sounds. It's the opposite with a solid state amp. If you turn it up all the way, it's likely to start doing some SS clipping. Which sounds nasty.
^ agreed. it depends on the tone you want, too.
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