OK so I've got a couple of acoustics, which are fine, but they just both feel really big, I'd had an electric for a couple of years and just got into acoustics, but I just mean, they feel really uncomfortable to play. I know that I'd probably get used to it etc. etc. But I'm just wondering if there's like a smaller/lighter acoustic out there.

What are classical Guitars like? Are they alright for playing and singing?

Forgive my ignorance, I'm aware that I'm clueless.
get a 3/4th size or travel guitar
there small
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do you mean the body is big?
or it is just big in general?

you can get different sizes of bodies, the big ones are called juggernauts i think
not sure what the other sizes are called
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Classical guitars are great but I find they don't suit a lot of styles of playing. Personally I've suffered the same probably(not being a big person but having a giant guitar) so I bought a Folk Stlye bodied guitar which is about the same size as a classical body. I think it's about 3/4 size and I found it very comfortable. I'd suggest looking into them or just look around at the guitar store for smaller ones and I'm sure google(as usual) has plenty of advice.