Is this just holding the guitar up to your face and playing hammer ons/pull offs? Sorry noobish question.
No, some people actually use their teeth to pick the strings (e.g. Hendrix). A lot of people try faking it by doing what you said, though.

And I'm not so sure that this should be in 'Advanced Techniques'.
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No, it's plucking the strings with them.

But be prepared for pain, and lots of it. Anything could go wrong, e.g. strings in eyes, cut mouth, death from retardedness etc etc.
No no play with your teeth. Im guessing you were watching hendrix. Well, he had an overbite so thats why he was able to do it. Unless you have the same thing, you are gonna have a really hard time doing that. You do actually play with your teeth.
You can play with your teeth without it hurting unless you are stupid. Just watch out for your tongue, the last thing you need is a severe laceration of the tongue by a guitar string or 2. And I recommend doing it for simple riffs at first. Cant exactly praise the idea of playing Trilogy Suite with your teeth
it hurts, but try holding a pick in your mouth, kinda cheating, but it works. also, once youve got that down, try sweeping with the pick in your mouth.
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This one dude played a section of Yngwie's Black Star with his teeth.

Yeah, he won the best guitarist award.

yeah its really not that hard...play a little bit with it...and get comfortable doing it, its not that tough
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