I was just wondering how I can find out what scale I'm using to write some songs I've recently written. The two I have written are my first. (I previously just learned other peoples songs.) The problem is, I have no idea what scale I'm using, I've just been doing it off of what sounds right. Like finding a riff in my mind and then searching for notes and putting it together. Does anybody have any tips on how to identify the scales I'm using to write music?
well you gotta know what notes youre using. also, if youre strumming chords that helps a lot.
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Figure out all of the notes you are using and then determine which note is the root note (the note everything resolves to). Then determine the intervals between the notes in whole and half steps. Now you can look at common scale formulas and see if your notes fit one of those.
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Do yuo understand how major scales are constructed and how to hear what the "root" is? There are two ways to tell what scale you are using: either by ear or with theory. check out www.musictheory.net its a good site for practicing this stuff. It explains theory behind scales and also has some free software to test your ear!
If you understand the scales and know formulas for majority of them, just check notes and find which scale you are playing. If you understand modes, pay attention to note you resolve to and find in which mode of your scale you are playing.
Simple as that.
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