Oy rock musicians and avid fans of music alike, my name is Matthew Lennox. I've been playing guitar seriously for about a year and a half now and I've started doing some open mic's here and there.

Recently I added up a Myspace with some songs, so if you would like to listen to some music that is my own unique style, something new other than modern punk and alt rock, here's your chance. Comment, criticize, if you hate the song with a passion tell me why, or if you just have some suggestions, go for it.

I promise you, I assure you, you will not regret spending three to six minutes of your day listening to it. Also, feel free to add me, I will do the same. And if you comment on my song, give it some suggestions, I will do the same for you. Share the love.


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Pretty good...soothing, evokes a sort of Medieval feel. Nice.
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The Pit Cliff Notes:
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its not bad, to be perfectly honest, in the first song, your rhythm line sounds like guitar-practice lines you could find in most "teach-yourself" books. the lead guitar line is decent but your delay is completely off making it sound really messy. as for suggestions go, i dont know if you record with a metronome, but you might want to give that a try, as well as just trying to get your delay to the right tempo. all in all, its not bad work for a year and a half, i hope you enjoy it!

My bands kind of a hard to describe alt/indie band, check them out at
and tell me what you think.