I went over to this kids house today, and he played some amazing stuff...but he doesn't read tabs he just plays by ear. I want to learn to do this, i was just wondering what songs would be easiest to listen to and play, or what bands use basic chords so i could get an idea on how to do this. I do understand it'll probably take forever till i can do it right, but i have a lot of free time.
thats how i first learned.. i didnt pick up a tab or standard notation sheets till id been playing a year or so
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I have no idea how, I've been trying to learn how to do that but I somehow always end up either getting it wrong or too vaguely to actually make it work. I did get it almost right in "Paint it Black" (stones version, not that priest cover) so you might wanna try that and maybe some punk or grunge, god bless those three chord progressions
When I'm playing by ear i'll first find out what key the songs in and simply jam with the major pentatonic.... its a good way to figure out which notes go with the song... then its a matter of just listening to the music and trying to recreate it using the notes you know that fit.... it does take a bit of practise but i've found that just making up solos that match with the song really helps you develop your ear.. and its a bit of fun!

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