Hey dudes and dude-ettes, this is my first piece posted on UG. It's currently untitled, as I always hate the names that I assign to things. I'm feeling kinda blue right now, so here's this sorta bluesy-classic rock song I wrote. Don't feel obligated to go easy on it! Crit4crit

How many times must I say I love you,
Before I convince myself?
How many times must I make love to you,
Before I stop thinking of someone else?

Cause that ain't fair
That ain't fair
That ain't fair x2

How much money can you spend of mine,
Before you've got everything?
Lord you spend it all the time,
But that self-love ain't worth a thing

And that ain't fair
That ain't fair
That ain't fair x2

I guess we're just two people
Stuck together
We both say that we'll last forever

But lord we both know that ain't true
Cause somewhere deep inside you don't love me
And I don't love you

And I guess all that just ain't fair
We both know that just ain't fair
(fade out)
that's a pretty sad song dude. I say that it has the potential to be one of those nice little radio hits, but I don't know if I would really listen to it since I don't like music that makes me depressed. Maybe chicks can get into it tho, I haven't met a girl that doesn't get the least sentimental when she hears something like this (or what it sounds like in my head anyway) so if you're trying to score chicks this might be a decent way to do it, but the guys will probably think that you're an emo fag or something like taht if you're not careful