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wow the intro is awesome and very epic. i like how the tempo sped up. very catchy main riff. would sound loads better if it was recorded with real instruments. i loved the pre solo and the solo, written very well. again vocals would make this better and not so repetative. but this is very catchy and melodic. keep it up. crit some of my other songs. link is in my sig under recordings
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Nice, the intro solo was really good, and I really liked the tempo change when the catchy riff came in
The intro was very final fantasy-ish haha but its all good. The guitar is pretty cool too, and the whole song basically reminds me of Finntroll or Nekrogoblikon haha, good stuff! Epic
I like how the guitar solo/into ties in nicely with the chords in the background. Pretty epic opening haha. I really like the fast tempo change. I like the main riff as well. I want to here you record these sometime!
good job, i like the intro, it was a good build up into a very cool main riff (sounds abit like old in flames stuff to me) and the solo is good. nice man i liked it