Hey, I have recently got into Antoine Dufour's music and similar artists. These styles require tapping harmonics and such. My action is about 5 mm off the 12th fret, and tapping harmonics are really hard to get a nice sound. Obviously lowering the action would fix this, but how low do I go approximately? Does anyone here play similar styles? What is your action?
sorry buddy.. I'm sorry I haven't responded yet

Yeah i'm learning Andy Mckee myself and its hard.. especially with my 100 dollar fender starter guitar from when i was 13.. but thats besides the point

I dont know how to do the tapping thing becuase my guitar sucks but I imagine if you get a guitar nice enough then you could tap...

I dont really know anything about action..but I think the action on my ****ty practice guitar is pretty high. so its hard to tap.. I cant do taps other than slap pops...

On another note.. I'm having a hard time with "Keys to my Hovercar" my right hand cant really move that indepently and so quickly.. arpegiating rapidly like this in the first 10 seconds


To me thats tough.. well tougher than tapping
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tapping harmonics isnt hard at all. I dont think 5mm @ the 12th fret is too high to get a good sound out of it. My old acoustic is like 6mm and i make it sound good.
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I've seen Erik Mongrain talking about it in his forums occasionally.


Maybe you should just browse there.