Here's a link to the music Comrade Cosmonaut!

I said I'm bound to this act
Neither truth nor fact
But the only thing that lasts
Some borrowed dream consisting of
A crayon colored bus
That just takes both of us

She said
"You're a revolving door that
I can't spin anymore"

The bar is stocked with cheap talk
I can't walk the walk
The steps outlined in chalk
You where hoping for a poet or
A singer are you sad
To find that I am neither

"I understand your pain
And I wish I felt the same
I think it's a good start. Some of the lines I think need to be fixed up like "you were hoping for a poet or a singer are you sad to find that I am neither". I would change singer since it wouldnt exactly make sense since you would sing the song.

I like your idea so far though. With some work this could be a great song.
hola! estas invitado a una fiesta en mis pantalones!