JHS Encore Acoustic guitar, 3/4 size with a spare set of strings, you can choose either nylon or steel strings. was orgianlly nylon i believe but the strings were switched with steel/bronze...

Pics available upon request.

make me some offers, includes a soft case, near mint condition apart from a small nick in the neck.

RRP: £79.50

Sale price but open to offers: £25

Behringer UF100 Flanger Pedal! As new, only opened and tested! includes a 9 volt battery, one is also already in the pedal.

RRP: £23.00

sale/offers: £15

Suitable offers please.

pics upon request.

Danelectro T-Bone Distortion. Missing the plate to protect the nobs, as with the UF100, it has been opened, tested and forgotten about since i was given something else which i decided was for me. great for a beginner! includes one 9V battery.

RRP: £27.00

Sale/offers: £12

all offers considered.

pics upon request

please consider my items, all have been very well treated, and need a new home.

although im realtively new i will not con you out of any money. i may ship overseas.

accept: paypal, cheque, postal orders or cash at your risk.

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Will also let go of me Dean Markley mini amp, RRP: £35

open to offers.

its one of the ones that clips onto your belt so you can walk around playing it quietly, has clean or distorted sound. very good condition, still in box.