sorry for making yet another one of these threads but this time is a little different. Anyway my guitar was setup up for standard tuning and I'm starting to think that my intonation/tuning problems are because I'm always in Eb. Does this mean i need to get my guitar setup for Eb?
Well just check it. Plug in your electric tuner, play the harmonic on the 12th fret starting with the bottom E, see if it sounds sharp or flat, then actually fret the note on the 12th fret and see if it is the same as the harmonic, if it is then it is ok, if it is different then it needs to be intonated. Repeat for all strings.

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if u cant get the harmonic to read then compare the open note to the fretted 12th.

and make sure uve got a good tuner.

the chromatic korg is a nice $20 tuner.

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^ thats the one i have but i just find it very stressful.... my intonation keeps changing and crap its also not nice when the tuner messes around (btw i check the open string then compare it to the 12th)
my thin E and B keep changing but the others seem to stay in, I think its because of temperature