I just got a Nokia N95 with a 4gb memory card. And I basically want the phone to replace my iPod mini (lol) cz I now have enough memory. The phone plays all iTunes formats but the problem is, I have 600+ songs, and when I go into my itunes library folder, there's a million subfolders of all the artists, is there any way to open all the folders at once? And also, for some reason, when I click the properties, the artist and title are both written inside the title box (the artist box is blank for some reason) and if I want to be able to browse the songs through artist like I would on my iPod, I need to change the properties so the artist section has the name written in, the thing is, like I said, I have 600+ songs and I don't have the time or patience to do that with EVERY song, is there a way I can have my iTunes or computer do it? And no, I will not rub icy hot on it or do a barrel roll, serious answers please Much love. Thanks <3 xXx
Get one of them thingies that scans and correctly re labels all your media from the interwebz.

Itunes is apalling for pretty much anything, but you need it for your Ipod. Get rid of it after you no longer need the ipod.

Anyway, imagine that process when you have upwards of 6000 songs
My buddy has 31,967 songs exactly. he had to do that. pretty insane. but as for throwing em in all at once, just take the big folder? and drag n drop?
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How about finding the folder that holds them in your computer and putting that on your phone.... it'll be all your songs.
and if that doesnt work.....rub icy hot on it!!!!
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Dude. It's 5 megapixels. For a phone, thats pretty fking good, good enough for me anyway, find a phone at the same (or cheaper) price with a better camera that does all the things the n95 does and I won't b*tch at you. I asked for help, not an idiot.