I've been playing about 2 years now and I used to play all the time but anymore it's just like "whatever." I've heard of beginning guitar players enter a "rut" in their second year of playing, and I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and had any input. Should I take a break from guitar and wait it out, or keep playing anyway to keep my playing on par?
Sometimes trying an alternate tuning other than standard can help...learning new songs in alternate tunings can also help.
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Thanks, that's part of the problem too. It's like everything I listen to sounds the same or I've heard it so many times before.
aww man, you definately should NOT stop for awhile. youll get rusty, and thats even worse than a rut!
try even exploring different types of music, or different roles in guitar.
when it gets dull, it just means that you need to learn or try some new stuff or change a direction. i can't imagine that this would be a bad thing. music is all about exploring and trying new stuff
I always set a challenging goal and then push myself to reach that goal. I seem to never get bored at all doing this. Frustrated? Well, that is another subject lol.

when i get into a rut, i study music! really man, get into theory,,, youll rebuild that interest and learn something at the same time. plus i think theory is very important if you want to be a real guitarist. give it a try if you havent already. atleast learn the importance of major scales