Ok, I'm not satisfied with my Peavey Valve King 100 head and cab (got it for Christmas, just like new). I'm thinkin about trading it in for a fender blues junior and then getting some pedals for overdrive and all that mess. Do you think this is a good decision? And should the store (Rockin Robbins if anyone here lives in Houston) should just give me the blues junior in exchange for my amp? PLEASE HELP
If the blues junior is a good amp for you, sure! And you'll probably be off better if you sell/buy off of craigslist.
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dont trade in amps they give you nothing sell it to somebody
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And you'll probably be off better if you sell/buy off of craigslist.


You get ripped off when you trade in. You have to keep in mind the shop only does that to turn around and sell it again for a profit. May as well make that money yourself. On Craig's List, you can offer up stuff for sale or trade, too. I traded a Mesa/Boogie 2x12 for a Tone Tubby 2x10 that way. Worked out great for both of us.

You sure you want to go all the way from 100W to 15W? Again, if you look used, you should be able to find some nice 30-40W amps for the same money as a Blues Jr. Peavey Classic 30, Fender Hot Rod, etc.

Good luck!
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Thanks, yeah I love the blues junior, and its perfect for what and where I play. I think I'll consider selling my amp as well, hopefully making some excess money for a few nifty pedals. Thanks again.