We are a small band in Spanish Fork Utah looking for a singer in that area. The type of music we play is 90's rock we are looking for a singer with the type of voice like Maynard, Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, or Dave Grohl. We would also like if you can have a good lyrical pallate be able to write in the same way most grunge/90's rock bands did. We practice 4 times a week and if you join you should be able to jam with us at least all of those days. We have started to record our first demo cd and we just got tired of our old singer so if you decide to be in our band we will pick up right where we left of and just have you come in and record the vocals, we also have about 14 shows lined up and we talked to all the veneus and they said as soon as we get a singer they will let us play, so if you decide to join we will have shows for you to playin.

You can contact me at jm32428@students.nebo.edu or you can just reply here.

Good luck with finding someone through here from Utah. I would like to join but first I don't do vocals, and I live in southern Utah. If you happen to know anyone in Southern Utah that plays let me know. Thanks and good luck.