oh you poor soul you have limited bandwidth aswell. well go to rhe site who provides your internet and go to manage account and try to find usage

its such a bitch isnt it
Oooh, i typed in on google: "internet usage meter" and downloaded the first link!

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: Damn that for internode
5 GB is not very much at all. If you only browse the net and download the odd file then its fine, but anything heavier than that and you're pushing it.

Usually if you log into your ISP's site it tells you how much you've used.
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I usually watch movies on it too

The next 12 months are going to be boring... And it costs £18 a month too. updating it costs £25
My dad switched ISPs but chose 5GB package as well without me knowing and at the end of the month they contacted us and said we (i.e. mostly me) had used 25GB of bandwidth but they'd let it slide the first time! Needless to say we had it upgraded to unlimited.