I've been playing acoustic guitar for about a year and a half, and i just picked up my first electric guitar and amplifier, an epiphone les paul and a spider III 120 combo. I've been trying to get a good distorted sound to play solos on, but when i play a note on one string and then another note on another string, i get a really buzzy, muddy sound, unclear sound and its really annoying me. Is this sound due to the stock pickups in my guitar possibly? Or is it something else? thanx cheers
You are playing two notes at the same time? If the notes aren't a fifth interval apart (i.e., power chords), it will sound like that.
Here's an example of a power chord:


That's an A power chord (the proper name is A5).
The 9th fret on the G string, so by playing that you'll make the E string vibrate and that'll make the next note sound dissonant. Try muting the E strings - at least the low one.
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Exactly. Distortion exacerbates dissonance, that's why playing even minor chords or 7th chords on a distorted guitar can sound bad.
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