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Pentatonic Scale Practice

Practice at your own pace!

There are 5 shapes (boxes) to a pentatonic scale, and below are the 5 shapes for the E Minor Pentatonic.



You can transpose the boxes depending on what minor pentatonic scale you are using, as described later on.

Practicing with Pentatonics.

Playing in threes

This is a good technique for warming up, and buliding up finger strength, as well as learning the scales.
Here every 3rd note in a beat leads to a new string:


Now in the second posistion:


'Linear' Scales

This is a good method for learning the posistions of the notes in the scale, in this case EGABD, also helping you learning the notes on the fretboard. I have read that Joe Satriani uses this method to learn scales.

Here, play all the shapes one string at a time


Using all the shapes

When using these scales, you don't want to get stuck just using one shape all the time. So here's an exersice, which should help you use all the shapes. It should also help you in moving about the fretboard.


Start off slow, and once you've memorised all the patterns, you should be able to fly through this lick, and come up with your own runs. I use this idea of two strings, then change shape, two strings and change again with good effect.

Transposing the Scale
Here is what nobody told me when i was starting out:
These patterns/shapes/boxes, are the same for whatever minor pentatonic scale you are playing, they stay in the same order, just at different positions on the fretboard. Here's how I work it out:
Find the root note in the pattern, in this case E, and move it to whatever key you are in. So if I'm playing in D, i move the root note up to D.

Now D is two frets up from E, so shift the shapes up 2 frets, and you have D Minor Pentatonic!
Using the last position:


Thanks for waiting, it took me ages to line up all the tab correctly! lol
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I'm definetly no expert on this but if the stuff in this is true please put it up it looks really useful
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Only one thing don't understand. In the first example( e minor pentatonic). the root note is not E. So why would that scale be E? Also you said you can change the scale by what ever root note it is so, in the first example(e minor pentatonic) why dosn't the scale change when the shape changes? For example in box one you start off on the third fret, and in the secon you are on the fifth. So why dosn't the scale change or does it?

Maybe i'm just a idiot lol but could someone help me out here.

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Blues men don't wear band T shirts.