So I'm thinking about pimping up my squier. I'll be putting on grover tuners and a dimarzio chopper or SD hotrails in the bridge for now, later on I'll probably replace the stock neck and middle as well.

I want a new bridge, which ones would you guys recommend? Preferably one that doesn't holes to be drilled...
you could get a piezo bridge if you want to be able to emulate some acoustic tones and blend those into your signal, I've been thinking about getting one a lot lately.
Get a proper MIA Strat Bridge off ebay, then you wont get something half decent and be like damn I wish I went the whole way, y'know? and It will be kick ass sustain and general improvement wise. Go try out a MIA strat and with the bridge your squire will be one step closer to that kinda quality.
Would something like an MIA bridge fit a Squier?
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Pretty expensive mods. You could alternatively...put that same money towards a new guitar?

But that defeats the purpose of modding the guitar...
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Would something like an MIA bridge fit a Squier?

The MIM Standard bridge will fit the Squier Affinity, as in the holes will line up. The MIM ReIssues or DeLuxe models will not because they're the same size as the MIAs and MIJs.

Another option is to buy the Wilkinson bridge for "import" models ... as in the MIM Standard, MII, MIK, and MIC Strats *but* with the heftier trem block.

I'm modding my Squier right now. No new bridge, because I'm fine with the one I have. Just probably some Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups and a new paint job. Oh, also sanding the name off the headstock. The whole neck is getting sanded, because it needed a clear coat. Also, I'll probably replace the fingerboard next year in favor of a maple one (rosewood right now, with oodles of grooves in it). The paint is what looks like Surf Green (it's some Krylon color). If the paint job is ugly, oh well. I'm doing it for about $15 worth of materials.

If you want a really fat tone, try making your own pickups with wood bobbins and screw pole pieces. It's pretty interesting. You can buy magnet wire from Radio Shack. Just look up making pickups on google.