He's a good player, but that song sucks rancid donkey testicles.
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That was sick. And the song was actually pretty cool too.

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Not really my thing though.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
I really liked that, nice and laid back-ish although super fast
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who needs proper timing or musical skill when you can play really fast?
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Very talented, but like others have said, not my style of bass playing.

He does have a pretty good singing voice as well.
Like you said: Holy Sh*t.

I've seen better playing (not to say he isn't good, he is), but the fact that he can sing to is amzing.
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who needs proper timing or musical skill when you can play really fast?

Do you mean his timing was off? It seemed fine to me.
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Ive seen this before. It was posted alloooonnnggg time ago.

He is a very very good bass player. Sadly, I believe last time I checked out his myspace he mentioned that he does shows on the sidewalk type thing.
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^Yeah, I remember when it was posted. Pretty cool to be able to sing and play like that. Technically hard song, but not really that musically or lyrically interesting.
I remember too. I think his talent could be put to better use though than soloing. I remember seeing a guy a while back who would make some really catchy songs with just a bass and drums. He sang too.
Speed isn't everything but I really liked the overall sound....
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He plays too many notes for my taste.

I agree... I mean, he has impressive skill and everything, but the fact remains, why play two notes when one will suffice?

EDIT: Although, toward the end, all he was doing was strumming chords...
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wow thats defenently crazy
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props to the technical ability but its jsut too much he over played it. ive never seen a song that is litterally one long blistering solo

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