Can't open it... Is it an audio or video?
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him:"hey you play guitar"? *swipes without permission* "dOOd your guitars way out of tune."

me:"its in drop D idiot"

him:"ill drop D on your mom!"
You may call me a dick cos you may do this already buuuuuut, I find a good way of creating riffs like another band does is to listen to some riffs by the band you want to sound like, find and listen to the ones you want to copy most, learn them(or the entire song), and then try and create your own riff using the same notes(or there abouts) just have a mess around and try and find some cool sounds.
why would i insult you, thats a very smart thing to do, im doing that for some riffs already

and btw the updated version is done
yeh thats what i do to unless im in a super creative mood which is like every friday saturday or sunday..lol