Shot at 2007-08-16

Is it any good? I saw a guy play on it on youtube and it was sweet.

Also: This guy plays with a Jackson KE3 Kelly and his amp and stuff is the 'reactions'. Think it was a line 6 spider amp, why does everyone say that one sucks :s He sounds pretty good imo...

looks like some kind of dinky
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It sounded good because he use a BOSS GT-6

Can an effects pedal really make that much of a difference? First amps and now this xD
Can anyone give me more info about that then? Can such effects turn a mediocre amp to a beast or something?
Its not turning a mediocre amp into a beast.. It's using a ****ty amp on a clean channel to make the sound louder, and all the ''tone'' is coming from the pedal.

This isn't a recommended way of trying to get good tone, nothing will out-tone a high quality amp.
So you're saying: no pedals, pedals bad? :p Damn this turned out to be a gear thread now :/ In the electric guitar place...

But those multieffect pedals got LOADS of sounds, can a high quality amp catch all those tunes then? Isn't a pedal good for something, and easy to pick whatever tone you want?

And on topic: That guitar...? :p
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