i heard the TS808 OD pedal is to boost an already driven tube amp, will i get any overdrive with it sice the blues junior im buying dosent have a gain channel, only clean.

will it be useless?and if not, what kind of Overdrive will it give me?
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you can use it as a booster or on a clean channel, it doesn't have much gain on its own though, good for blues and classic rock
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yeah it will work fine. it doesnt have a gain knob. but it can be OD'd just like other tube amps.

also, u can raise the volume on that amp with a lower master volume and Fat switch on, to get heavier tones.

i dont know if that's the best od for u tho. depends on what u play.

i also like the jekyl and hyde and the blues driver

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It sounds pretty freakin sweet when you crank the junior and have the TS on full drive, boosts your sound a lot and can actually get heavier than you may think.