Sorry if this has been asked...but the search could'nt find anything.

I now the UX2 toneport has two mic inputs which is fine and dandy but I have 4 drum mics,6 onces I buy two condencers.Is there anyway I can run all 6 mics into the toneport and then through the gearbox software or am I screwed?
Yamaha MG 12/4 has 6 mic inputs and is only $150 new....the new MGxxC series are out now with on board compressor as well.

overall I suggest getting the Yamaha MG16/4 as youll have room to grow into over the years.

The MGs have great pre-amps and so you'll get great sound.
feed the toneport with the record out on the mixer.
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The only bad news there is that your drums are now mixed down to a stereo track, which is not good if you want to just edit one drum, such as the snare or the kick. But, it'll work in a pinch.
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Yeah right now I just use audacity to record my drums with a crappy pc mic,and my recordings are'nt all that bad to be honest so anything is an improvement.But that brings me to another question.

What footswitches can you use with the toneport? The manual just says standard footswitch,Both of the footswitches for my amps have different connectors on the end...sooo yeah,what kind of footswitch will I need?

Edit: And what about a mixer with EQ on each input? Could'nt I just do that to solve the EQ problem?
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You could use the EQ's on the mixer on each input. If the EQ is decent on the board it will sound good. My band uses the EQ on my Behringer UB2222-FX mixer and we have good outcomes.
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Hey I know its been years since anyone posted on this question but I need to know if a BEHRINGER XENYX X1222 would work in place of the Yamaha 12/4? please let me know Thanks