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I've always found these tunes really fun to play, even more so if you can find a partner for duets. Songs like Chicken a la swing, Pickin' my way, feelin' my way and a great tune called stage fright have been some of my favourite things to play on guitar. They were also fun to learn as it required you to read music.

I can read music very well, however...I learnt how to read music by playing the trumpet and so my ability to transfer it on to guitar is fairly lacking. learning these tunes from old jazz books helped a lot.

I suggest these kind of songs as a good thing to learn for any guitar player wanting to learn jazz and improve their guitar playing. THese are the people who influenced all the jazz guys.

Anyone else play these tunes, or just listen to them? They don't seem to get much airing around here or around many people i know. I thought a thread about them might do them justice :p

EDIT: Fun fact:

Eddie Lang died from a sudden hemorrhage following a tonsillectomy in New York City. According to jazz historian, musician and curator Vince Giordano, the death was due to the fact that Lang and the doctor who performed the tonsillectomy got drunk together.
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